Here's Something To Think About . . . .

Thirty years ago there wasn't much knowledge about Near Death Experiences. NDE's. The research into NDE's was in it's infancy. But over the years research has produced some startling findings. Today I would like to discuss one of those findings with you.

Many people who have experienced NDE's share similar stories about out of body experiences, both good and bad. Some people recall floating in a tunnel towards an extremely loving white light. While other people describe their NDE as being something hellish and horribly terrifying.

But in either case nearly all people who have had NDE's report that after dying and leaving their bodies they experienced a full life review. Everything they ever said, and everything they ever did was shown to them during their NDE.

And this is what I would like to talk with you about today.

The Bible says that after death then comes judgement. And obviously in order for us to be judged we first must be shown what we did that requires judgement. Similarly here on earth court rooms around the world are filled with people being judged for their deeds both bad and good.

Likewise people who have had NDE's report being shown every deed they did during their life both good and bad. Everything they ever said was heard by them once again. Everything thing they did to or with other people was also shown to them once again.

But now here's the part that we all should pay very close attention to.

During their full life review people with NDE's said not only did they once again see what they said or what they did to other people, but they also felt what the other person was feeling! For example let's say you give someone you love a surprise kiss and a hug. Well on your judgement day you will once again see the kiss and hug that you gave that person. And you will experience for yourself how that person felt while you hugged and kissed them!

However, if you hurt someone, then on judgement day you will feel and experience the pain the person you were hurting felt!

Everything you've ever said and everything you've ever done will be shown to you again during your full life review.

Not only will you see your full life again, but you will feel the emotions both good and bad that others around you felt as a consequence of your actions with them and to them.

This is something for us all to seriously think about as we interact with family and friends today and every day for the remainder of our lives.

For more information on Near Death Experiences and to watch true life videos from people who have had Near Death Experiences I invite you to visit "Proof Of Life After Death" - the link is in the sidebar menu.

My prayer for you is that you will find peace in your life that only God and His Son Jesus can provide.


Pastor Mike


  1. God bless you Pastor mike.

    I had a NDE when I was 8 and I did had a life review.I could fell the good and the bad things I did to other. You are spot on.

    Love is the key!

  2. @ Glauco - Hello! Thank you for sharing your comment about your NDE. Just like you said in your comment, the life review is true, it will happen to all of us when our day of passing from this world into the next world comes.

    What other memories of your NDE do you have? I'd be interested in reading about what you remember experiencing during your NDE.
    You were very young when you had your NDE. Can you recall any other thoughts or memories that you had during your NDE?

    And you're absolutely correct, "Love is the key!" I've heard this many times from other NDEer's - Many of them have said that God wants us to share love and kindness with one another.