Jesus Hold My Hand Music Video.
I'm a Christian Pastor living in Mexico.
My mission is to feed the hungry kids.
Matthew chapter 25: 35-40
Here's a short video illustrating some of my work.

Does todays world scare you? Do you need comfort in your life? There is comfort in the Lord. Watch the "Awesome God" video, and you'll see thousands of young people who have found the comfort they were seeking in their life.
You too can find comfort in your life. Send me a message from the widget in the sidebar asking how to find comfort in your life. Or perhaps you have something else you would like to ask me, please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments. I won't see your email address. All messages are sent and received anonymously.

Are you Gay or Bi? Have you been told that God hates you? Don't you believe that lie!

You might not understand the words in this next video, but you'll soon see the joy, happiness and comfort these people from Mexico have found through their relationship with Jesus Christ. You can too!

Today's quote from Pastor Mike.
Anything not eternal, is eternally worthless.

Meet Tony - 15 year old Gay Christian -
He plays in the church band. Tony loves the Lord and the Lord loves him.

Click The PLAY Button To Meet Tony


  1. I pray God's blessings upon you and the work you do unto His glory. May He touch Angel's life and draw him close to Him and deliver his parents from their addictions unto salvation in Jesus Name!

    God bless you.

  2. What you are doing is God's work. May he bless and hold your hand always!

  3. I took you up on your invitation and I filled with awe for the work you are doing in Jesus' name. Blessings be upon you.

    On a practical matter, I love the scrolling scene. I need to learn to do this for the time I spent in Sudan. Go back to the summer of 2008 and read the stories and see my friends.

  4. praying God's blessing on your ministry and you as you serve him.